Discover Our Short-Stay, Fully Furnished Apartments in Luton, Bedfordshire

The short-stay, furnished apartments we offer in Luton, Bedfordshire, are popular among a wide variety of clients. Whether you are a professional in need of temporary accommodation or a holidaymaker looking for a fantastic place to stay in the Luton area, we are sure to offer low-cost accommodation that suits your needs to the letter.

Types of Property

Some of the properties we offer are studios that contain a bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and bed. Houses are also available, including a 1-bedroom house with a separate lounge and kitchen. 2- and 4-bedroom houses are also available. The individual rooms may be rented out, meaning kitchen and bathroom facilities would be shared among tenants.

Last-Minute Booking

It’s always possible to make a last-minute booking. Feel free to call on the day you are interested in arriving and we will do our best to help you find a property. We’ll need to see the identification of the person who wishes to stay. In addition, we will require your payment information as all payments must be made in advance.

Conveniently Located

Our well-kept properties are primarily located within the heart of the town centre. They are based near the train station and motorway, making them easily accessible. All major transport links are close by, including the airport.

Such well-situated properties are highly sought-after in the Luton area. It’s effortless to walk to the train station from our properties. Plus, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to choose from in the area.

Flexible Services

24-hour check-ins mean you can access the property at a time that suits you best. We make ourselves available for contact round-the-clock. Some of our studios are protected by CCTV security systems.

At Peace Apartments, we work tirelessly to offer our customers true flexibility. Need to extend the duration of your stay? No problem. Alternately, we may be able to arrange a refund of up to 70% in the event that you must cancel your stay or need to leave earlier than anticipated.

Furnished Properties

All of the properties we provide are fully furnished. That means you won’t have to worry about bringing any furniture, equipment, bedding, fixtures, or fittings.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfer services are readily available. Should you wish to be picked up or dropped off, we’re on hand to help.

In-Room Services

A variety of in-room services are available. This includes gifts, wine, flowers, or room service. It’s also possible for us to prepare, cook, and deliver meals to your property. All of these services are available at an additional cost.

Contact us today, in Luton, Bedfordshire, to find out more about the short-stay, furnished apartments we supply.

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